ecsn – Leadership Group and Management Team

The Electronic Components Supply Network is a member managed organisation, we only do what our members need and want….. Taking direction from over 40 recognised industry leaders (see below) within our Leadership Group the management team implement what our members define. As an ecsn Member you can directly influence what we do and how we do it….. 

The association is structured to meet the needs of the electronic components supply network in the following five

Primary Groups: 

  • Academic Research (Product, Process and Materials Science)
  • Component Manufacturers (Semiconductors, Passives, Displays, Interconnect, Power, Electro-Mechanical, etc…)
  • Distributors (afdec, distributors, ISMO)
  • System Integrators (ODM, OEM, CEM)
  • End of Life / Re-use
    Supported by cross market Special Interest Groups: 
  • Environmental Legislation,
  • Operations and Compliance
  • Sales and Marketing

Each Group (sub-group) within ecsn is managed by a team of three successful and industry recognised Group Leaders on behalf of their members who are appointed for a two year term following a ballot of members…

The Leadership Council comprises of a Group Leader from each group and coordinates the strategy, daily operation and budgeting of the association…

The Executive Council provide guidance on long term strategic direction and international collaboration…

A Support Team consisting of the Chairman, Vice Chairman/Treasurer, Secretariat, Market Analyst, Marketing Communications Manager, IT Manager and Accountant implement the required actions, provide governance, compliance and reporting to members

Executive Leadership Group

  • Ollie Althorp

    Ollie Althorp

  • Ian Blackman

    Ian Blackman

    Components Obsolescent Group
  • Aubrey Dunsford

    Aubrey Dunsford

    ecsn – Market Analyst
  • Adam Fletcher

    Adam Fletcher

    ecsn – Chairman
  • Tony Frere

    Tony Frere

    SSS plc
  • Martin Goosey

    Martin Goosey

  • Nick Liddington

    Nick Liddington

    Olancha Group Ltd & ecsn – Treasurer
  • Steve Rawlins

    Steve Rawlins

  • Matthew Trowbridge

    Matthew Trowbridge


Leadership Group

  • Matthew Cotton

    Matthew Cotton

  • Dave English

    G.English Electronics
  • Simon Flatt

    Simon Flatt

    Pinnacle Marketing
  • Nick Foot

    Nick Foot

    BWW Communications
  • Chris Godfrey

    Chris Godfrey

  • Paul Goodman

    Paul Goodman

    ERA Technology
  • Alex Grout

    EDAC UK Ltd
  • Peter Hannon

    Peter Hannon

  • Geof Hill

    Geof Hill

    Astute Electronics
  • John Hodgetts

    John Hodgetts

  • Steve Judge

    Steve Judge

    Redtree Solutions Ltd
  • Nicola Kay

    Camden Boss
  • Carl Kruger

    Carl Kruger

    Oxford Quality Centre
  • David Lamb

    David Lamb

  • Alan Lund

    Alan Lund

    RS Components
  • John Macmichael

    John Macmichael

    Solid State Supplies
  • Kevin Maguire

    Kevin Maguire

    Cedar Technologies Ltd
  • Chris McAneny

    Chris McAneny

    Future Electronics
  • Graham Munson

    Graham Munson

    Mouser Electronics
  • Kevin Nicholls

    Kevin Nicholls

    TTI Incorporated
  • Gary Nevison

    Gary Nevison

  • Kevin Nicholls

    Kevin Nicholls

    TTI Incorporated
  • Haroon Rashid

    Haroon Rashid

    HR Enterprises
  • Steve Rawlins

    Steve Rawlins

  • Geof Rose

    Geof Rose

  • Chris Shipway

    Chris Shipway

    Avnet Memec
  • Joe Tumulty

    Joe Tumulty

    Equinox Maintenance
  • Peter van de Sliujs

    Peter van de Sliujs

    Needham PR
  • Mohamed Wahib

    Mohamed Wahib

    Delta Microelectronics
  • Ian Wallace

    Ian Wallace

  • Jim Ward

    Jim Ward

    Arrow Electronics (UK) Ltd
  • Nigel Watts

    Nigel Watts

  • Dave Whiteley

    Dave Whiteley

  • Trevor Wood

    Trevor Wood

    Interexport Management Systems

ecsn Team

  • Diane Byrne

    Diane Byrne

    ecsn – Accountant
  • Brian Harding

    Brian Harding

    ecsn – PR & Communications Manager
  • Graham Waite

    Graham Waite

    ecsn – IT & Operations Manager
  • Jill Waite

    Jill Waite

    ecsn – secretary